Halloween & the S-word

Who would have thought, snow on Halloween? Well, it happen.

About a week ago, my husband had started to say the S-word when talking about the weather on Halloween. I thought he and whatever people were propagating this idea were out of their ever loving minds. (Guess not.) What no one mentioned, until later in the week, was that it would likely share the stage with a lot of rain and wind. (And did it.)

I kept telling him that he needed to stop talking about it, because all I could think about was last year and Veteran’s Day. They said it was going to snow. They said it probably wouldn’t stick. That we weren’t going to get that much. We got sixteen inches. Sixteen. Inches. And that folks is what they call “the Lake effect” around here.

Welcome. To. Michigan.

Do you know what happens when you get 16″ of snow in one night in early November? A snow day – the day before our snow pants arrive. How do you handle it? The exact same way you would handle snow in Alabama (albeit in late December or January). Lots and lots of layers with various wardrobe changes as kids go out and come back in wet. (Your husband gets up at 4 AM to check if he needs to shovel – again [because he already did last night] – and stays up to shovel.)

So… snow on Halloween… How was it?


1. It didn’t stick. (To anything but the side of the truck. And that was amusing and it didn’t last very long either.)
2. The snow (and the rain) stopped before dinner was over. Trick-or-treating was on!
3. The girls didn’t trick or treat for too long = not a lot of Halloween candy came home with them.
4. My middle girl declared that it was the “best cold Halloween ever!”
5. The girls ended up in the basement watching Halloween themed cartoons, eating a few pieces of their loot, until bathtime rolled around. (We had to wash away Elsa’s white hair and Zarina’s pixie dust.)


1. Did I mention the wind? It was so windy my oldest stated matter of factly, “Even Elsa gets cold.”
2. I have pounds and pounds of leftover candy – way more than even the cutest, most dedicated set of three trick-or-treaters could have brought home in our neighborhood. (I see batches and batches of M&M cookies and twix brownies in our future.) Looking back I wish I hadn’t prepared so well for the 200+ trick-or-treaters our neighborhood normally sees.

Was it anything like our first introduction to snow in Michigan on Veteran’s Day last year? No, thankfully, and I am more than okay with that. I have no desire to put snow pants on kids in October.


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