Missing the Snow

I find myself in an odd mood today – brooding, but what can you expect when one is cleaning in advance of visitors, the sun refuses to get its happy self from behind the clouds, and both my phone and iron have decided to go wonky on me. Really, really wonky. (Wondering what number three will be…) I’d really prefer to blow this joint and take Sofia off for a long, long run/walk, but the list is still too long.

I am enjoying the odd state of being able to be outside without a jacket, in December, in Michigan (odd, right?), but wishing what I really had in my yard was a few good inches of snow. White. Fluffy. Snow. Because then the snow would reflect back what hazy sunlight is coming through the clouds – so things would look cheerier – and my backyard wouldn’t have a handful of wet spots where the puppies could cover themselves with mud when I let them off leash.

I just don’t want to end up with ice. Picky much? Yup.


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