All Roads Lead Back to Alabama

Leaving the parking lot of the private elementary where my oldest goes for Religious Ed (or Monday school, as we like to call it – since it’s on Monday and not Sunday), on the back of a big SUV with a Michigan plate, I saw one of those white oval bumper stickers with the letters that people put on their cars from the places they’ve been on vacation. It was a new one to me.

“JWSP” …

Hmmm… so I leaned forward and squinted, then sat back was gobsmacked.

Joe Wheeler State Park

Michael was right, all roads do lead back to Alabama.

I told him and he said, “I’m glad you are finally starting to figure that out.”

Such a man thing to say, but I can’t blame him because he is right that it just keeps happening that things keep leading back to Alabama, often to the Shoals.


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